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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Gloryann Dean
      make the bag flat

      once I got the hang of how to use it properly... like making sure to leave enough space to close and making sure bag is flat.. works wonders... love love love it!!! foods tastes so much better out of the fridge!!

      Greg M.
      Vacuum and seals really well

      Does a good job sucking air out of the bags and sealing them up tight so that you won’t get any freezer burn on the food. You can see the food pretty good through the plastic bags that I have

      jill bolin
      Buy this and save some money!

      Love love LOVE this sealer! First off it is super light and compact yet does the work of a larger vacuum sealer. The bags that come with it are high quality and this is very user friendly. I was a bit skeptical because the price compared to a big name brand but it is pretty comparable in my opinion and not as bulky. It is also pretty quiet. I love the bag that comes with it. Everything fits in it!

      Christopher S.
      Great Vacuum Sealer!!!

      Bought this to start sealing my Salmon fillets. I've never used one before but I'm so happy with this purchase!!!! It was really easy to use out of the box and love that it came with starter bags. It truly is the best starter kit!! Works perfectly fine and I've been storing all my Salmon fillets with no issues!!

      Carl D.
      Works well, as advertised

      Read the instructions and you'll have no problem. Light weight and easy to use. The suction power is good and the process is quick. I've had my vacuum sealer for a couple of weeks and so far have used it on raw and cooked meats that I've frozen or held in the refrigerator for a few days.