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Shower head filter for hard water

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''A great shower head will make your morning routine more refreshing, We help you sort through the options to find one that'll help make getting clean feel wonderful.''

  • Do you get dry skin after taking a shower?
  • Is your hair not as soft as it should be?
  • Do you feel that horrible chlorine smell?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it’s a sure sign you need one of the best shower filters for hard water. The benefits of using soft water are clear as a filter will improve water quality in your house, and it will be much kinder to your skin.

There is no substitute for having clean and purified water in your everyday life. If you are dealing with hard water, this shower head filters for hard water that can change your daily life.

that will soften your shower water and filter out impurities, then water filter may be the one you are looking for. While there is not a lot of information about the flow rate on the market, we do know that the 15-step filtration process that runs through, has multiple stages that inject your water with beneficial elements to help with your hair, skin, and nails.

Installation is a breeze with this filtering head, and will show results of cleaner, clearer water right away. Included is an advanced revitalizing filter that adds numerous stages for your water to pass through that boosts water oxygen and adds revitalizing minerals to the water.


  • Consistent water pressure - our high-performance inline water filter won’t reduce existing water pressure for an improved rinse. Act as a moisturizer, purifier, softener and gives the best feeling for sensitive skin body wash. Hard water shower filter will help removal with rust and iron
  • Body care - less well risk of developing eczema, reduces dry itchy skin, dandruff cares about the health of the skin, hair, nails ideal for bathing children and your Pets
  • Complete compatibility - can be placed over overhead, handheld, rainfall, and combo shower heads for versatile home use. Protect filtered the whole shower in the house from dirty water
  • Soft water filter - helps fast remove chlorine fluoride heavy metals, calcium and magnesium, other sediment and inhibits the growth of scale in the bath tub


  • Color: Silver
  • Bigger Head Diameter: 2.7 CM
  • Smaller Head Diameter: 2CM
  • Pressure range: 5-90 PSI
  • Temperature range: 4 ~ 60Celsius
  • Flow rate: 1 GPM

Package includes:

  • 1x water filter
  • 1x extra cartirdges(1 shell and one spare cartridge, 1 as its own)

Customer Reviews

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angel c.
thanks aloton

I am very satisfied with the product and it is very well packaged. I advise everyone this filter and I find that customer service is at the top. Thank you for delivering me in time too.

katrina k.
Wish I had gotten this sooner!

Love it! Super easy to install

best price

The truth is, i am super happy such as qual the image i the Great operation i necessita

natalie j.
perfect product

work great

Shower head filter for hard water

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